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Autographs for Heroes

Since 2012, Lettermen of the USA partners with the Semper Fi Task Force of North Alabama’s Annual Heroes Week in Huntsville, Alabama.  The celebration, honors wounded veterans from across the nation, their families, and their caregivers. In preparation for the celebration, LotUSA runs a months-long Autographs for Heroes autographed football drive.


Each wounded veteran at Heroes Week receives an autographed college football from their favorite team, presented by a member of LotUSA. Over 300 footballs signed by coaches and players known have been given to soldiers injured during their military service at the recipients favorite schools such as: Air Force Academy, Alabama, Auburn, Citadel, Clemson, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Mizzou, Northwestern University, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Samford, Tennessee, Texas, Texas Tech, Southern California, South Carolina, UCLA, Utah, Washington, and West Point.

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