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Honoring Our Nations Colors

Flag day is celebrated every year on June 14, the anniversary of the American flag's official creation. Flag day is observed as an annual holiday to mark the history behind the American flag and its symbolism.

President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation establishing a national Flag Day on June 14, 1916.  The "Father of Flag Day” honors have been given to William T. Kerr, who was credited with founding the American Flag Day Association in 1888 while still a schoolboy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What Flag Day Means to Me

Ginger Branson

Flag Day celebrates the adoption of our flag as the symbol of the United States on June 14, 1777, by resolution of the Second Continental Congress.

Almost 250 years later, this symbol of our nation has been hated, ripped, torn, burned, cursed, and spat upon. But it has survived. It is strong. Remember, when we pledge allegiance to this red, white and blue banner, we pledge allegiance “and to the republic for which it stands”.

The flag (and therefore the Republic of the United States) has also been loved, defended, coveted, fought for, and died for. The flag has bowed at half mast for the loss of our great leaders, and has gently covered the caskets of those who died for her. She is a universal symbol of liberty and justice, but also and responsibility.

I’m an old Army veteran, and I’ve heard our National Anthem hundreds of times. But every time it plays, I’m proud to stand, salute my flag and my nation, and always shed a tear remembering those who gave their lives for her. God bless the flag of the United States of America! 


Joseph C Bongiovanni

As an immigrant coming to the US at age 11, sailing  by the Statue of Liberty and the Stars and Stripes, I was overwhelmed by the sheer majestic sight.  Serving in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, I witnessing the sacrifices of so many proud young Men & Women fighting for what our Flag stands for.  Since the revolutionary war, our flag has been the beacon of freedom everywhere she is seen furling in the wind.  She gives hope to the masses yearning to be able to live in freedom.  I do hope we can teach our children what our flag stands for and the hundreds of thousand of lives shed for them.  God bless America and the Flag for which it stands! 


Commander Dan McMlung

“So what does our flag and flag day mean to me?

It’s means freedom.  The real freedom no other country truly has as we do.  This freedom was fought for by brave men and women who gave it all to see that we remain free.  Our beautiful flag represents those sacrifices that everyone should respect, stand and salute.”


Mike Durant

It reminds me of the sacrifice and commitment of generations of Americans who fought to defend this great Nation.  It represents honor, patriotism and pride.


Col. John Jones

Flag day symbolizes all the good things in America and functions as a reminder of why I served our country for 30 years.


Wounded Veteran Donny Ruepp

Hey brother sorry for the late response been a very bad day. It's kind of coincidental you sent me this. I saved this from an essay I read several years ago from a young lady in school. With all my injuries from my 23 years serving and all the injuries/deaths I had to deal with it sums everything up fairly well.

"Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School
What does the flag mean to you? When I think of the flag I think of all the soldiers who fought for the freedom of our country. I just love how our veterans never ever gave up they didn’t want to let down our country. From the blood of our veterans to the freedom we have now not a single soul gave up in front of our country.

When, I see the colors on our flag I think of the red as the blood from the wounded soldiers. The white stands for that we are free. When, I see the blue it stands for blue sky they fought under. I think that because I know what they fought for and what happened when they fought and what they fought underneath. Also, when I see the stars I think of all the soldiers who died fighting for us. When, I see the stripes I think of the scars and scratches of our fellow soldiers. Now, that I know what our flag actually means it just makes me think of everything that our veterans did for us to get us that very flag. Every time I see our flag standing tall I think of all the people who succeeded at making this country a better place. I believe that when they were fighting God was with them to help them keep fighting and was there for our fellow soldiers.

After reading this essay did it change how you feel about our flag, did what you think of it stay the same I hope it might have helped you to see a different perspective on what the flag means to me. So, next time when you see our flag what will you think? Will you think of the soldiers or will you think of the colors? Or, will you think nothing of it at all?

By Morgan"


Kevin M. Eitel
US Army Veteran
Retired Emergency Response [LEO, EMT-P, FF]

Old Glory has been the most visual representation of the Unites States since its inception. The Original
Betsy Ross Flag was commissioned in May 1776 by GEN George Washington. It was not until 17 June 1777,
the Second Continental Congress passed The Flag Resolution which stated: “It is resolved that the flag of
the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternated red and white; that the union be thirteen stars,
white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation.”

The colors of the flag have significant meanings: Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor; White is for Purity
and Innocence; and Blue is for Vigilance, Perseverance, and Justice. Further, Red represents the blood
shed by those who have fought, and/or died, for our Flag and Country. White means we hold true to our
ideals, and Independent from all others. The Blue field reminds us we must always be Strong, and
watchful over ourselves, each other, and all of our individual, yet unified states [the White Stars in Blue

Ever since I was quite young, I have had love, respect, and reverence, for the American Flag. From saying
the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school, to color guard while in Boy Scouts - it has always had
special meaning. I still remember seeing the flag-draped coffin of JFK lying in State at the US Capitol
Rotunda [our family drove in the middle of the night from NJ and PA to pay our respects].

Upon entering the US Army 08JUL74 as a member of the USMA Class of 1978, I learned much more
about Old Glory, and what she stood far throughout our Country's history - and still stands for now. It is
something special for every Service Member, active, veteran, and/or retired. We Stand for the Flag and
Kneel for the Cross. We carry her proudly into battle, and she provides final cover if we make the
Ultimate Sacrifice. She exudes unity, and pride, in all of us. This followed me from military service to
emergency response service [LEO, EMT-P, FF].

On 11SEP2001, the Flag once again became a rallying point for us all... I responded to the WTC Site
minutes after the second plane struck the South Tower. I was fortunate enough to survive the collapse
of the WTC Complex; I am forever reminded of it, due to severe health issues resultant thereof.
However, I thank God every day that I am still a Surviving First Responder.
The day after the Towers collapsed, several American Flags went up on makeshift flagpoles. A Large
American was draped over the front of the Verizon Building, overlooking the Hallowed Ground. Flags
were once again the final cover for those who perished, and/or made the Ultimate Sacrifice. On one of
my trips back to Jersey City, a VFW member handed me a Flag Pin; I have worn it faithfully on my left
collar with pride and reverence ever since.

Over the past twenty years, the Flag has been revered by those who serve(d); yet it has also been
burned, stomped upon, and otherwise disgraced. We need to look at the original meaning and
representation of the American Flag - celebrating the unification of The United States of America – and
once again be a Country we all can love and support. I pray I will see the return to love of God and


W. Kent Davis

Rear Admiral, USN (Ret.)

Commissioner, Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs

Flag Day is a special day set aside to honor our national flag. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777, by the Second Continental Congress with the following words: "Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation." Each year, the U.S. president delivers an address celebrating Flag Day, and all Americans are encouraged to fly U.S. flags on June 14.  I hope, however that all Americans—especially Alabamians—will not only proudly display the flag, but also remember that many military veterans have fought, and even died, in defense of that flag and what it symbolizes.  We should all pause on that day to think about the many freedoms we enjoy, and about the sacrifices of those veterans and their families who made those freedoms possible. 


Mike Oakley 

As a veteran, you learn that our flag is more than a piece of fabric. You learn that our flag represents all of the sacrifices made by patriots through the years to make our nation a “more perfect union.”

It takes sacrifice and effort to keep our freedoms and we can’t let outside influences deter that mission. Flag Day, also called National Flag Day, in the United States, is a day honoring the national flag, observed on June 14. The holiday commemorates the date in 1777, when the United States approved the design for its first national flag.

I’m proud of our heritage and dedicated to working hard to keep our country strong and to fight against those who do not know better. 


Danny Yates 
USMC Veteran

I joined the Marines on my 18th birthday and retired from the Air Force on my 60th birthday. There is no age limit in the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Sergeant Marines, Staff Sergeant Army, Petty Officer Navy, Master Sergeant Air Force and Staff Officer Coast Guard Auxiliary.

"Flag Day isn’t an official federal holiday it should be.  Flag Day is the day our colonies adopted the original 13 stars and red and white stripes to represent our new nation.  What does Flag Day mean to me?  American heroes have bravely gone to battle to protect what our flag stands for. Thousands of those heroes, throughout our history, carried that beautiful flag on the battlefield and oceans and have given their lives for the freedom it represents.  Our flag then protects our heroes and covers the caskets as they enter into Heaven. Nothing is more sacred as our nation’s flag with the history and heroes it represents. “


Jeff Wishilk

For centuries America’s service members have put themselves in Harm’s Way for the Stars and Stripes, knowing full well that they may be covered by the American Flag for their ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for the American Warrior and “Let Valor Not Fail”.


Roger Hopkins

Flag Day is an opportunity to celebrate the icon of American bravery, valor and justice.  It means a great deal to me personally because it symbolizes the secured freedoms my family enjoys and that which many of my brothers in arms have sacrificed their lives to protect.


Major General David Burford, USA/ARNG (Ret.) 


It could be just colored cloth but it’s not simply that.

Flags have identified, inspired and rallied groups of people like no other signal in recorded time.  Our Stars and Stripes gave voice to the birth of our nation, rallying all to its cause, its protections and its potential.  Today we see it everywhere; civic facilities, military uniforms, homes and businesses.  The flag comforts us and we show our respect as a last tribute to fallen warriors when we drape them in it at their final interment.  Likewise, it strikes fear into those who would test us.   Say what you will, burn it if you must but you’ll never ever sever our Flag’s bond with the hearts of true Americans ….. legacy owners and defenders of the land of the free and home of the brave.


Some of the information on this page was obtained from various websites and input from friends of this organizations.  It is not intended to be represented as this organization’s original content.  We seek only to pay tribute to this nations symbol of honor, loyalty, and freedom.  God Bless the USA!

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