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I Made My Bed

A word from our Founder Darryl Fuhrman 

August 22, 2022 will be my third anniversary of life after suffering a major cardiac life-ending event.  How did I celebrate?  I made my bed.  You may say that’s an odd way to celebrate, but making my bed is the first thing I accomplish each day.

You may be familiar with Admiral William H. McRaven’s commencement address to the University of Texas class of 2014 where he talked about how to change the world.  It begins with learning how to accomplish things – like making your bed – and how that leads to accomplishing more.  If you’re not familiar with his speech you can view it at:

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 7.36.34 AM.png

After I accomplish my bed-making, I take a walk.  When I walk, it’s my time of prayer and meditation with my God.  It’s a time for me to pray for those around me that are in my inner spiritual circle and those that I think need prayer in a time of great distress and uncertainty.  I believe it is critically important that we come before God because he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).  My walk lets me think of what I’ve accomplished as an individual, what I still need to accomplish, as well as what we, as an organization, have accomplished.

Our organization began its mission to help the homeless in Birmingham, AL.  We then expanded to helping the homeless in Tuscaloosa and Gadsden, Alabama.  Our reach is looking to expand down to the Alabama coast in Mobile, and we have met with Housing First.  This organization is just one of 104 veteran groups in Central Alabama under the Central Alabama Veteran Collaborative (CAVC).

Many veterans cannot afford to go to a college game to see their favorite head coach and favorite team.  So, the fact that the head coach of their favorite college team would take the time and sign a football to them with their name thanking them for their service can be overwhelmingly emotional for these hardened warriors (men and women).

Additionally, we've provided a winch to raise a wheelchair up and down on an automobile for a veteran under the program Wheels for Heroes.

We helped a homeless veteran with thoughts of committing suicide, gain a new lease on life because he has a new home with new clean and livable items from our Interiors for Heroes program which we believe, after doing 11 of them, truly helps these previously homeless veterans stay on their road to recovery and reintegration into society.

Other victories of our organization include:

  • Watching children of fallen warriors smile after receiving an amazing gift to help them with their schoolwork through a program called Laptops for Heroes.

  • Helping an inwardly wounded veteran, who suffers in a Hell none of us can imagine from something called PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) pay their utility bills through a program called Utilities for Heroes.

  • Assisting veterans to have their dreams come true via the Fisher House.  They provide veterans' families who are going through the VA, a place to have a home away from home.  The Fisher House Foundation will continue to impact our lives in our state by bringing a $20 million infusion of capital into Alabama.  And maybe, just maybe, in the future small homes will be built with cutting-edge technology to provide a village of healing and learning for those who fought and laid it all on the line for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Looking back, I’m happy to say we have accomplished a great deal with very few resources.  Therefore, as I begin my morning meditation and walk with God, I believe LETTERMEN of the USA has become that small drop of fresh water of life that impacted that large endless despair of an ocean that has engulfed us today.

With God's help and yours, we can continue to make the dreams of others come true. Please join us in helping make this a reality for those who were willing to give it all for us. The seeds you plant today will one day produce a great harvest to be reaped, and your impact will be remembered forever. 

We sincerely hope you will consider the Lettermen of the USA 🇺🇸 as worthy of your financial support and personal endorsement to continue serving those who have served!

Darryl Fuhrman Founder and President Lettermen of the USA 205.394.7521 Website: EIN: 82-3593860

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