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Utilities for Heroes

Providing Home Renovation

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When a veteran is identified to have fallen behind on their bills due to job loss,
overwhelming medical bills, or other unforeseen circumstances, LotUSA steps in the provide that financial
assistance in the form of paid utility bills, past due rent, or medical bill payments.

In the spirit of giving thanks fo our many blessings, Lettermen of the USA (LotUSA) embarked on a partnership with the Central Alabama Veterans Collaborative (CAVC) to provide Emergency Assistance for Disabled Veteran Allen Hopkins (Air Force, Air Force Reserve, National Guard). LotUSA paid his heating bills for the winter months. LotUSA also got the Power restored in 3 hours and 35 minutes by

paying the past due bill of Vietnam War Veteran USMC PFC William Fite. This LotUSA Utilities Emergency Relief Program will get our nations service member through a hard time whenever the need is identified.

Allen Hopkins

William Fite

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