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Providing Home Renovation

Homes for Heroes

PV2 Jason Melhiser (Center)

LotUSA Founder Darryl Fuhrman (Left)

LotUSA Member Desmond Holoman (Right)

Volunteers Ralph Woodard and Desmond Holoman

The home where the Melhiser family lives was in dire need of a new front porch. With his injuries, surgeries, and continued health challenges, Jason was not physically able to do the necessary manual labor to replace the deteriorated porch.  An old college friend of Jason’s offered to replace the front porch. Jason and Jennifer saved up enough money to start the project. The “friend” deconstructed the front porch, leaving a 5-foot wide area that dropped from the front door directly down to the foundation below. Then, the issues began. The “friend” doing the project needed still more money. He began to make excuses why he couldn’t come to finish the work. Problems with his vehicle, issues with his workers, and on and on. Eventually, leaving a dangerous drop-off from the front door, and a hole in the side of the house, he disappeared, with the Melhiser’s money.

The house remained in that condition for over a year. While delivering medical equipment to Jason from the VA, a gentleman by the name of Bruce Franko was discussing the porch issue, and Bruce told Jason he had an idea. Lettermen of the USA (LotUSA) is a non-profit, all volunteer, organization that provides assistance to veterans and wounded veterans. Bruce reached out to the organization on Jason’s behalf, and was assured that yes, indeed, LotUSA would be glad to accept this mission.

Discussions with Jason and the LotUSA team took place, materials were ordered, and on Saturday, June 8, a group of volunteers showed up to build a brand-new porch on the Melhiser home. In Jason’s own words, “LotUSA has been a godsend. They filled a void that I was not able to. My wife and I have been trying to figure out how to get the porch done and could not come up with anything. I do not like to ask for help and try do to as much for myself as I can. But what these guys came and did for me, it’s a godsend.”

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