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Interiors for Heroes

After serving our country, many veterans return to the United States with all the hopes and dreams of a young person coming home from war. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always quite turn out as planned. Like so many other veterans, the horrors of war often follow these vets through the years. 

The problems that veterans suffer can often make getting and holding a job very difficult and can also affect family and other relationships. Too many times, homelessness is one of the results. Thankfully, there are VA programs that can keep these esteemed men and women from living in the streets. However, most of the assistance is of a temporary nature. Sometimes the homeless shelters are full to capacity. Other times, the wait for appropriate housing exceeds the time allowed in the shelters.

When an apartment or house becomes available, the joy these people feel is immeasurable.  But then, another reality check. The apartments are unfurnished. And they have nothing with which to turn an empty apartment into a home. Most of them come to the homeless shelters with nothing more than what they can carry in a bag.


Enter the Lettermen of the USA (LotUSA)), a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to helping those who have served our country along with former athletes in need. Darryl Furhman, President and Founder of LotUSA, and his team of volunteers have a goal: To fill the home of a needy vet not only with furniture and household goods, but also with love and hope. 

It takes perseverance, dedication, and caring. Fortunately, these are things that Fuhrman and his group have in abundance. What the LotUSA team needs, however is …….everything. From the main furnishings such as a bed, couch, chairs, etc., down to bedding, towels, kitchen items, curtains, bathroom needs, you name it. The goal is to turn empty living quarters into a beautiful home. With donations of both household items and funding, LotUSA will been able to fill the homes of seven veterans this month.


This is just one example of the great work the LotUSA does, and the only way this group is able to carry on their mission to “serve those who have served,” is through generous and ongoing donations from their supporters. Our veterans who have served this country, and former athletes who provide us with much-needed entertainment, often at the expense of their own health, deserve to have a group like this that they can reach out to in need. Your support and donations are greatly appreciated. We need your dollars to continue the mission. Please click the buttons above to donate.

Interiors for Heroes Radio Interview

Michael Durham

Happy Independence Day 2022!

Over the 2022 Independence Day week, LotUSA furnished and decorated the Gadsden Alabama apartment of Michael Durham.

Michael served 8 years in the U.S. Army. In 2022, he suffered the loss of a part of a limb due to complications of diabetes. After the passing of his wife from Covid-19 complications, Mr. Durham lost most of his individual property due to eviction while hospitalized. Consequently, he was homeless for a time.
We have entered this precious man's life at a time when he had virtually given up his will to live.

While Michael continues to suffer several severe medical and emotional issues, he told us today that we have changed his life! He will do the best he can in his remaining days, and we thank each and every person and organization who supported our mission to honor veterans "One day at a time."

A special thanks go to the team at Holiday Inn Express Inverness for the furniture and artwork; and Huntsville Hospital for the amazing hospital bed.

Michael was able to celebrate the holiday and his new digs with special new friends from the shelter.

Carl Murdock

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